Jeremiah said the blind and the lame will come …. (Jeremiah 31:8)

Zinaida made Aliyah in June.  She was travelling alone but her daughter and grandson were waiting for her in Israel.  She was very emotional as she told our Ezra team her story.

“I made the decision to make Aliyah while I was still mobile.  My home was close to the town of Debaltsevo and when the bombing started (back in July 2014) we were taken from our farm by motorbike, across the fields.  That was really good for my bad back!!  I was traumatised but at first I didn’t really pay attention to that.  I ended up paralysed.  The atmosphere here in our country is painful and tense—in one word we have a war.  The conditions are very difficult, there is a shortage of food; pensions are not being paid and from time to time the electricity and water re switched off—it’s very difficult.  Now I have to leave because I have nowhere to live.  Y house was bombed.”

“It’s difficult to say what I expect in Israel.  Life has shown that to make long term plans is useless—I don’t even know what I’ll be doing at 9 o’clock this evening!  Of course I want to be able to stand again, my grandson is just little and I want to help my daughter.”

“Ezra helped me with everything!  The only positive things I have right now are from Ezra!  I prepared to leave.  I couldn’t get to the departure point so they came for me and they helped with everything!  

They took me to Dnepropetrovsk, settled me into the base there, provided everything that was needed.  I have never before come across such open, kind and positive people.  They helped with whatever questions I had at whatever time!  They carried me in their arms, literally, and finally took me to the airport.  I haven’t the words to express my gratitude.  I can’t imagine how I could have done it without them.  Thank you, Ezra, for your good work.”