A few months ago Avital contacted the Ezra International website asking help for herself, fiancé and son to make their Aliyah from the UK.  She had heard from someone that there were Christian organisations prepared to help Jews return to their homeland.  Avital was asking for help with the transport costs from Manchester to London with their luggage and some start-up costs once in Israel.


Avital tells her story:  

“I was born in 1988 in Jerusalem but my parents divorced when I was a toddler and I was ripped away from my family and my homeland.  I don’t think a day of my life passed that I didn’t dream of returning to Israel.  I had planned to return when I was 18 and old enough to make my own choices about where I lived—and then I discovered I was pregnant.  The next eight years were spent in raising my son, Benjamin, while juggling work and university.  There was always something in the way of making Aliyah.  I needed to study or I needed to save.  That was until I met Daniel, now my fiancé, in 2014.  He also had an Israeli family and dreamed of living in Israel.  Together we made a pact that no matter what, we would live in Israel.  With little money, but a heart full of faith, we are moving to Israel in October.  

Without the support from people like yourselves this journey might not have been possible, and our little family of three knows that G-d has placed the right people in our lives to make this journey possible,

All our thanks, Avital, Daniel and Benjamin.”

All the team of Ezra wish this family G-d’s best in Israel and hope they are the first of many we can help from the UK return to the Promised Land.