Ezra Can’t Do It Without YOU

The above is really stating the obvious, but it’s true.  This is a team effort - and not just those who are on the front line in the field - whether in Hungary or in the many other countries where Ezra works.  God calls the gentile believers (Isaiah 49:22) to be involved in this prophetic task of bring His people home.  

How can you help?
Of course, the most important and fundamental way to help is in prayer.  And there is also a specific call to the gentiles/the nations to declare that God will bring back those He has scattered (see Jeremiah 31:10).  Perhaps you could make this a weekly, or even daily, declaration.  If you want to join us in prayer please contact us with your email address and we will add you to our weekly or monthly prayer lists.  I don’t know how many times I read in comments from the teams that they really sense the prayers of God’s people for them and the work they are doing.

Another way is by your financial support.  The teams in the field would not be able to help the Jewish people without the financial support of those in the support team!  It costs money to provide transport, pay for passports etc.  The average cost of helping one Jewish person home to Israel is around £250 - but any gift, small or large, helps towards that.  

Meetings in Ireland - North and South
This newsletter is focused on Hungary.  Our representative there is from Northern Ireland (his wife is Hungarian).  As you have read they have now been based in Budapest for three years.  Jim is very aware of the rising anti-semitism in Hungary and also been able to help a growing number of Jewish people make their aliyah.  At the end of October/ beginning of November he will be in Ireland to share his experiences and what God is doing in Hungary through Ezra.  If you would be interested in having him to speak - in your church, prayer group, house group or just an informal gathering of interested people - then please contact Linda Hopley at 02890 656008 (leave a message) or e-mail her on lindyhop@talk21.com.  There are still some dates available.

Contact and Giving Details
Ezra UK
PO Box 374

Cheques (made out to Ezra UK) can be sent to the above address.  If banking on line then our sort code is 30-93-14 and account number is 05381625.  Donations can also be made by PayPal through the website - www.ezrauk.org.   You can also follow us on facebook.com/ezrauk.

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