Never Forget - A Word from Pat …

I have recently returned from a holiday in Israel.  We happened to be there on the day Israel commemorates the Holocaust and then Memorial Day which is immediately before Independence Day and when all the victims who have died protecting the State are remembered.  On both days the warning is sounded and time is given in silence to remember the fallen.  It is very moving to see all the traffic come to a standstill and people get out their cars to stand and remember those killed in the holocaust and those killed defending the Land. It was a privilege to remember with them. Then the celebrations for Independence Day following on their heels - a reminder of the cost that was paid for Israel's rebirth.

Although Purim was in March this year and this is now the beginning of June, it's worth noting that Purim is an annual reminder of how God intervened to deliver His people from Haman's unwarranted attacks on them. God, mercifully, is still delivering His people today.

The Feasts are also a good opportunity for our teams on the field to share both in the churches and with the Jewish communities.  It is one way of standing with Israel and serving the Jewish community as well as sharing about the possibilities of making aliyah.  In some of the smaller towns or more remote places the Jewish communities themselves do not have the funds or opportunity to celebrate the Feasts as they would like.  In this newsletter are accounts of how the teams in Moscow and in Irkutsk, Siberia celebrated Purim.

May saw the 25th anniversary of Operation Solomon - the rescue of the Jews in Ethiopia.  It was an amazing rescue by Israel and I remember it being on the news at the time.  We have a personal account from Dr Fred Wright, Ezra UK's Press Liaison, who was in Ethiopia at the time and had the privilege of helping in this incredible operation.  A fuller account is included in the soon to be published e-book "Banner to the Nations" - a history of Christian sponsored Aliyah - which will be available on the Ezra UK website (www.ezrauk.org).

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