Purim in Moscow

In late March, we held Purim concert in one of the Moscow churches and for the Jewish Community of Dimitrov (80 km from Moscow).

The Jewish ministry of this church prepared very interesting performance and invited me to share on Purim. Lately God in a special way revealed to me the understanding of the feasts of the Lord. But the feast of Purim stands apart from other holidays, it does not fit into the framework of the prophetic picture of the feasts of the Lord. So, for me it was a challenge not just to talk about the feast of Purim but to present it with a deep prophetic understanding. Thank God, while I was preparing and seeking the Lord, He gave me understanding of this holiday in the light of the prophetic events that are coming upon the Jewish people and His Church in the coming days.

There were about 60-80 people at the celebration in Church. We had a very good time - strong worship, a good word (one of the leaders of the Church described the message as if it were nails of truth that the Lord has put into the base), a wonderful performance and of course the food - Haman's ears. God has set the Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. It is very strong when His Church begins to move in the direction of serving the Jewish people.

I offered to show the same program to a small Jewish community in Dimitrov and all agreed. As we approached the day of celebration 5 more churches expressed a desire to participate at this event.

We had a wonderful feast with the singing of Jewish songs which touched the hearts of the Jews by the Holy Spirit, with the message about Purim, play, food and of course with dancing.

Despite the fact that only 10-12 people came, the Head of the Jewish community was so jealous seeing young Christian participating in the "Jewish" festival that appealed to us for help to attract the Jews, especially young people to the Jewish community.

What can we say?? We promised to think about it and support them.

God is so greatly manifested His presence at this celebration that I have the confidence that this is the beginning of something big and great. We will follow Him and continue trusting in Him and He will open the doors for us to serve His people.