Irkutsk (Russia) Purim Concert 2016

- Guys, what are you doing with us? - I heard on the phone.

- Who is this? What happened?

- It's me Lidiya Aronovna. I visited your concert today. It is evening and I am still experiencing the incredible joy of all seen and heard. My soul is jumping and cheering!!! And most importantly what I want to tell you - something incredible happened to me! After receiving your invitation, I immediately decided to visit  your concert but I was sick and felt myself very bad. I felt pain in my whole body and I could barely gather myself. But during the concert I experienced such joy, so many positive emotions I have not experienced for a long time! My son who came to take me home asked: "How are you feeling?" And only then I realized - I am absolutely healthy!!! All pain has gone like I have taken very expensive tablets!! Thank you! It is such a gift on Purim - everything has changed - the joy came instead of pain! I want to thank all people who made this concert happen!

Here is an unexpected testimony we received after the concert. In fact, many people called to express their gratitude and admiration for the concert. We are grateful to God for everything and we want to tell you how it was.

On the eve of the most cheerful Jewish holiday of Purim, we organized and held a concert for the Jewish community of the Baikal region. Our volunteers invited 325 Jewish families. The Lord has brought His people - the hall was packed with spectators - all the seats were occupied. A festive atmosphere was unusually solemn and joyful. Our artists and assistants put a lot of work in order to serve the Jewish people in the anointing, with joy and at the highest level.

Our volunteers brought the elderly people by car. In the hall every visitor was met by festively dressed young men who helped to take off outer clothing and to find an empty seat in the auditorium where they were welcomed by lively music and brightly-decorated stage.

All songs and dances were very beautiful! The Lord was prophetically spoken to His people: "Rejoice! It's time of joy!" Today we often witness how God "comforts His people" and gives them "beauty for ashes". "It was not possible to sit still during the performance of the Jewish dances and songs. Our legs were starting to dance!"- shared with us viewers. The people rejoiced, sang with the artists and applauded.

We presented our children's ensemble "Metukim" to our audience (Jewish children 4-9 years old). The graduates of the ensemble, who have grown up and lived in Israel, sent their video greetings to the community that we showed on the big screen.

Everyone liked the beautiful music performed on a violin, a puppet show about Mordecai, Esther and the evil Haman, Jewish songs and dances. After the concert we talked with our guests who shared with us their impressions about the concert and thanked for the pleasure and opportunity to touch the Jewish culture.

Our viewers have noted that the programs of concerts are always very interesting and diverse, but this concert was special - filled with joy.

One woman said to us: "I have just been thinking about Israel but now I want to go to my land up to heartache…"