Cleaning the Jewish Graveyard in Irkutsk

In the middle of June at the request of elderly members of the Jewish community we again organised a trip to the local Jewish graveyard with the youth group of our local church.  This has now become a good tradition - once a year to help with a clear up there.  The majority of the elderly Jewish people who approach us are on their own and can't get to the graveyard themselves due to their health conditions.  Only a few people could come with us to show us the places, gravestones which needed to be put in order.

We prayed that the Lord would show us a good way to do things, especially as the forecast had warned that there would be rain!  And God, as in previous years, did a miracle.  All the clouds held back while we went to the cemetery and the rain only fell once we'd returned to the city!

Once we'd finished the clear up and had gathered together at the gates of the cemetery the ladies from the Jewish community thanked us and blessed the young people, saying:  "Thank you very much for the help which you give us - the elderly people in the community - every year.  Kindness is the most precious quality in this world and the elderly people who are not in the best of health and caring for the graves of those who are no longer with us really appreciate your help.  Thank you that you show us this kindness, may God bless you and encourage you to continue to do good deeds.  We bless you and your studies in schools and Universities."

For the Jewish people our help was really a demonstration of God's love for them.