The Lord's Faithfulness:  Aliyah from Latin America
By Craig Shrum

Celebrating Shabbat with the new Ezra Brazil team in Sao Paulo.  Planning aliyah projects with the Jewish Agency in Buenos Aires.  Seeing the God of Israel open doors for Ezra International's work in Latin America.

Again and again, I thanked the Lord for His hand, His plans, and His work during my recent trip to Argentina and Brazil.  The return to Israel from these countries-and from other nations in Latin America-completely depends on Him.

And thanks to Him, Ezra has teams of believers in both Argentina and Brazil!  When I arrived in Buenos Aires on November 1, our new representative Marcelo and I had a busy week in front of us.  We planned the next phase of Ezra's ministry to Argentina's Jewish families, outreach in the churches, and serving in the Jewish community.

A week later, in Sao Paulo, we had the same discussion with our team leader Edeval and our aliyah representative, Eg-lom.

In both countries, we could see the Lord at work.  We met with Jewish Agency staff to plan our strategy for aliyah, and we could see the start of a strong relationship there.  

Ezra's teams met with pastors and church members, also.  A special service in the Buenos Aires area about aliyah was a true blessing as Pastor Felipe, a longtime Ezra supporter, gave an anointed message about the return to Israel and the church's part in aliyah.  We then prayed for Marcelo, asking the Lord to commission him for the work in Argentina.

In Brazil, our team and their families gathered together for a special evening as Shabbat started.  We could sense the Lord's calling on us, on our workers in Latin America, to be His instruments as He builds on His work through Ezra in Ukraine, Russia, and the former USSR.

Eg-lom and I met with a group of 10 volunteers at a local Baptist church.  These faithful believers are ready to help Jewish families as they leave Brazil-offering rides to the airport, help with luggage, and apartment clean-up.

The same night, Edeval attended Ezra Brazil's second prayer meeting in Sao Paulo organized by our prayer coordinator, Simone.  Brazilian voices are calling out to the God of Israel-asking Him to bring His children home to Israel!

Marcelo also has started a ministry of intercession for aliyah in Buenos Aires.  We pray the Father's continued direction and blessing on both these ministries, as prayer is so key to the work of aliyah!

As Ezra Latin America joins our teams in Russia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, and other countries around the world, please lift up Marcelo, Edeval, Eg-lom, and our partners in Argentina and Brazil.  Please pray with us for an increased aliyah from Latin America.  And please ask the Lord to provide the financial resources that we need to help Jewish families from the South to return home-to the Promised Land!