Aliyah Now or Never

Ezra's teams in Ukraine helped over 3,700 people make Aliyah during 2015, a large proportion of them from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine.  One of the families helped was Ganna, Oleksandr and their small son, Lev.  Ganna tells their story:


We are both 26 years old and it is a time of growth for us and our family.  We began to understand that we either make Aliyah now or never!  There are many more possibilities to develop in Israel, more than in Ukraine, and we decided to take this responsible step.  There were some things holding us back, but we are happy, especially for our son, that it will be better for him in Israel.

We live in Donetsk and the situation there is very serious and fearful.  We got used to the war situation so much that it became our everyday life.  They shot and killed people, but people still had to care for their everyday matters like going to work, shopping, taking children to the kindergarten etc.  I realised that this is not a normal lifestyle and this is why we decided to leave.  When we were actually leaving Donetsk it was quite peaceful, but there were many times when there was shooting for a week, especially during the nights.  It was very scary.

Ezra helped us to get out of Donetsk.  We had to wait for a long time at one of the crossings but Ezra helped with our permits.  They took us to the Consul, helped with our international passports, gave us advice and answered our questions.  They also gave us somewhere to stay, fed us and encouraged us constantly.  Thank you very much for all your help and encouragement.