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Holocaust Memorial Day in Usol-Sibersk

By Ezra's team in Irkutsk, Siberia

"Save the people being taken to death" say the Holy Scriptures.

On 27 January 2018 our Ezra team, along with the ensemble Hatikvah, organised an event for Holocaust Memorial Day in Usol-Sibersk.Despite the strong frost, Jewish families with their children came along to the concert.

At the beginning of the event the ensemble honoured the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, telling about and showing things about that terrible event.  We must remember the Holocaust and tell our children so that it will never again be repeated.

In a separate hall we showed children cartoons about Jewish holidays, played entertaining games with them and gave them some tasty gifts.

After this we presented a short concert programme called 'Golden Jerusalem'.

Before coming into the hall our audience received a gift of our beautiful calendar with the Jewish Feasts and also a booklet from the Jewish Agency with their various programmes.  They were very happy to receive these.

Every song in the programme was focussed on Jerusalem, the people and the land of Israel which was born after the Holocaust, literally from the ashes of war and is living again and thriving in fulfilment of ancient prophecy.

The ensemble sang favourite Jewish songs.  The dancers performed several fiery dances.  Each number was accompanied by video clips. Ancient prophecies about our days were read out.

After the concert our Jewish audience were not in a hurry to leave for home.  They chatted with each other, took photographs with the ensemble members, asked many questions to our team about how to make Aliyah.

They also shared their concerns on the theme of the Holocaust.  Many cried as they remembered their parents and grandparents and other survivors of the Holocaust.

The service ended with a minute's silence in memory of the six million Jewish people who died during the Holocaust.  We prayed against fascism and Nazism in all its forms.  Finally together we blessed the Jewish people through Aaron's prayer.