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Hope for Life

Natalya and Vladimir are making Aliyah with their seriously ill son, Vadim.

Neither Natalya nor any of her relatives had ever thought of making Aliyah until trouble knocked at their door.  The couple's son, Vadim, unexpectedly had a stroke while at work and lost consciousness.  The ambulance took 2 hours, losing precious time and soon after hospitalisation Vadim fell into a coma.  The days passed.  The situation didn't change and the doctors could only maintain life.  There were no improvements and after a month of Vadim being in a coma the doctors began to tell his family to prepare themselves, that he wouldn't live much longer.  His family - parents, wife and young daughter - did not want to accept this.  Then Natalya remembered her Jewish roots and decided to try to find out what Israeli doctors would say.  Natalya and Vladimir invested their last money in a Doctor from Israel who examined Vadim and all the evidence connected to his condition.  He saw that there was still a chance for him but Vadim would need to go to Israel.  Hope appeared!  They urgently gathered all their documents and went to the Consul, naturally without Vadim, and the first miracle they encountered is that the Consul gave Vadim a visa in absentia!  Natalya took that as a sign from above - that the Almighty Himself was opening the door for them. However, the next issue was transportation for Vadim - this would involve special transport and high costs.

Parents and son were able to leave Russia on 25 December 2017 - on Vadim's 39th birthday. The family believes that symbolically this means his second birth!

Ezra was able to help the family a lot considering their special case.  Ezra helped with getting foreign passports, the travel to Moscow for visas and also with the transport to the airport with medical support.

Natalya told us that she was not particularly conscious of her Jewishness but is now very grateful to God that she has Jewish roots! During the period of communication and interaction with Natalya she didn't cease thanking us in tears and kept saying that she was happy she'd run into us and happy to know there are still kind people in the world!

Vadim's wife and daughter also received visas and will be making Aliyah soon.  

Natalya leaves a son and daughter from her first marriage and it's hard to part with them.  She has hopes that maybe later they will also make Aliyah.

Posted 19/02/18