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Concert for Israel’s 70th Birthday

Concert for Israel’s 70th Birthday

At the end of April we organised and held a concert in the city of Irkutsk to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel.

The concert began with favourite Jewish melodies played on the violin.  The audience warmly greeted each performance of our ensemble ‘Hatikvah’.  Prophecies from the Holy Scriptures were projected on a screen on stage, prompting the listeners to think about the history and also the unique time in modern Israel lives and thrives.


The audience from Irkutsk were presented a new programme in which every dance and every song talked about the unique events in Jewish history from the time of the origin of the nation from faithful Abraham to our days, when Israel, after 2,000 years of devastation, was born again as the Prophets spoke:  “Can a nation be born in one day?”  and the Jewish people, scattered through the whole earth, again streamed back to Eretz Israel – the Land promised to them by God Himself.

We sang songs about the suffering of the Jewish people in exile, about the Promised Land, about the faithfulness, protection and love of the Lord to His people and about the hope of regathering in Jerusalem.  “The songs were beautiful … there was a feeling that I was really at the Wailing Wall”, shared our spectators.

The people admired the dances on the ‘Twelve Tribes of Israel’ where each banner was placed under the blessing of the tribes of Israel.  During the prophetic dance “Arise and Shine, Jerusalem,” all the audience in the hall stood to their feet and applauded.  “Standing on the stage, I saw tears in the eyes of the listeners and how strongly they were touched by the prophetic words of the song”, said Aleksandra, our soloist.

The concert closed with the Israeli Anthem ‘Hatikvah’ which the audience stood and sang together with the soloists in our ensemble.

Our audience didn’t want to leave in a hurry.  They thanked us for this celebration and shared their impressions about what they had seen and heard.  Many of them realised that they had never known that the origin and history of their people was so closely tied up with the will of God, which He announced through His prophets.  Several spectators said it was the first time they had heard prophecies about their people and were surprised that they are being fulfilled now.

There was admiration for the fact that God created the Jewish people for His glory, and that many ancient prophecies have already been fulfilled in modern Israel in only 70 years!

Genrietta Moiseevna* (an elder in the Jewish community) said «Dear friends, I again congratulate you with this great Jubilee in our Historical Homeland.  And, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank our wonderful friends from Ezra and the Hatikvah ensemble for organising such a wonderful concert in which we not only enjoyed the dances and the singing, but learned many interesting things about our Land and people.  Thank you that you brought us joy through today’s event.  We are waiting for the next concert.”

*Moiseevna is Genrietta’s patronymic (middle name which is always after the father’s first name) and means, in this case, ‘daughter of Moses’.