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Since Ezra International’s beginning in 1995

Since Ezra International’s beginning in 1995 our mission has been threefold:  to help Jewish people who are in poverty; to help them return to Israel (make aliyah) in fulfillment of Bible prophecy and to restore their hope and quality of life by giving them a new start in their Biblical and historical homeland.

WHO WE REACH:  Ezra is working in 9 countries of the former Soviet Union, in South America and increasingly also in Europe helping those Jewish people who want to leave but do not have the means.  When Ezra began it was clear that many Jewish people in the former Soviet Union simply did not have the means to prepare their documents for leaving.  The wall of communism had fallen but they were still faced with the wall of poverty which was equally effective in preventing their return.  Many of these families too have experienced anti-semitism at some point in their lives.

EZRA RETURNS:  Ezra helps poverty-stricken Jewish people in their desire to return to Israel—to make aliyah.     Making aliyah can be a complicated and costly process, but we guide each person and family every step of the way.  Our assistance includes:  

 EZRA RESTORES:  The ministry of Ezra restores hope to Jewish people in need.  Even more, through the process of proving their Jewish heritage in order to make aliyah, these Jewish people are restored to their ‘Jewishness’.  As the Jewish people return to the Land, the prophet Ezekiel promises that they will also be restored to their God!  Through teaching seminars and speaking in churches Ezra is also helping to restore the Hebraic roots of the faith to the, largely, gentile church.