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The Story of Elena and Petr N from Odessa.

In mid September, 2017 Elena came to our office in Odessa along with her husband Petr.  Elena's arm was in a bandage.  She moved very carefully, supporting her arm.  Elena sat down very cautiously on the edge of the chair. Continue reading here…

Posted 24/01/18

Urgent Departure

"Save the people being taken to death" say the Holy Scriptures. On 27 January 2018 our Ezra team, along with the ensemble Hatikvah, organised an event for Holocaust Memorial Day in Usol-Sibersk.Despite... Continue reading here…

Posted 30/01/18

Holocaust Memorial Day

Evgenia and Maxim from Ekaterinburg say themselves that they don't really understand where the desire to make Aliyah came from - "it's just there", Evgenia said.  Although the couple have faced many circumstances and fear which have given them some uncertainty about their decision they are still going! Continue reading here…

Posted 19/02/18

Giving People Hope

Neither Natalya nor any of her relatives had ever thought of making Aliyah until trouble knocked at their door.  The couple's son, Vadim, unexpectedly had a stroke while at work and lost consciousness.  The ambulance took 2 hours, losing precious time and soon after hospitalisation Vadim fell into a coma. Continue reading here…

Posted 19/02/18

Hope for Life

According to the 2019 Annual Assessment of the Situation and Dynamics of the Jewish People today Israel should prepare for a potential mass wave of immigration to the country amid increased antisemitism. here…

Posted 22/07/19

A New Wave of Immigration

At the end of April we organised and held a concert in the city of Irkutsk to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel.The concert began with favourite Jewish melodies played on the violin.  The audience warmly greeted each performance of our ensemble ‘Hatikvah’. Continue reading here…

Posted 21/05/18

Concert for Israel

Mark and Anna are a married couple from Skadovsk.  Here in Ukraine they had a small business - a small food store.  In Skadovsk summer tourists come to bathe in the sea and to sunbathe.  Almost all the residents have rooms or small houses they rent out to visitors. Continue reading here…

Posted 30/05/18

Till We Meet Again in Israel!