Ezra was the Blessing 

Ezra was a Blessing to me

Israel is my heart and I want to live there for the rest of my life. Due to our Jewish roots my family has seen many, many struggles but thank God He saved us. It’s important to me to be connected to this Holy Land. 

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It costs an average of £275 to help one Jewish person home to Israel. A monthly gift of £23.00 will help one person home over one year. However no gift is too small - or too large!! All your donations help in the process of helping Jewish people home and each one is significant. Thank you for your help.


To Date - 78,516
Helping Today - 42,670 
Last Month - 2,963

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Gvantsa and Salome M from Tbilisi 

Gvantsa and Salome M from Tbilisi

Gvantsa and Salome are sisters making aliyah together. Gvantsa tells their story: Israel is our dream country and our roots are there. Not only our ancestors are from Israel, but our parents live there, and we want to be close to them. We have visited our parents in Israel as tourists and every time we are literally shocked by this country and the people there. It’s an amazing place and we think it’s one of the safest places in the world! Every time we were there, we felt that a person’s rights are secure and there is no fear in walking outside even at night-time. It’s dynamic and makes us smile too. So, while we are young, we have to make our choices and face new challenges! 

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Russian aliyah - August 2020

Short video clip showing aliyah from different parts of Russia. Hear the gratitude of some of those helped in their aliyah journey.

And Still They Come

This beautiful song was written a number of years ago celebrating the work of Ezra bringing God's people home. Now it has been illustrated with footage of Ezra's work over the years. Watch and listen and allow your hearts to be touched! 

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Aliyah in Lock Down

We have all been affected by the ongoing pandemic involving the coronavirus. All the countries that Ezra works in have been in some form of lock down over the past couple of months – some more seriously than here in UK, some about the same. Some of our countries are now gradually beginning to come out of lock down and life is returning to something resembling ‘normal’ in many places. What were our teams able to do during this period? Actually, it was very limiting as in most places our teams, like everyone else, were unable to leave their homes unless it was for necessary food shopping or to pick up medications.

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Bible Study Book - Understanding the return of Israel
Announcing the Launch of Our New Bible Study Course:

This unique course unfolds the story of God's plan for Israel by balancing biblical prophecy with the nitty-gritty of real life. Whether Israel is new to you or you are a seasoned veteran who has stood with Israel throughout the years, this 8-lesson study will change your life. Our long-awaited, one-of-a-kind Bible study was written by Patricia Frame, Field Director of Ezra International, a 30-year veteran in the work of Aliyah

For more information – go to bookstore. 

Workbook £20.00
Pay by PayPal through this site or send a cheque to Ezra UK, PO Box 374, Carlisle CA1 9EW, making it clear that it is for the Aliyah Course.

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