First Month of War, Helping Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova

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The work of Ezra International began in 1995 in Ukraine in direct response to a vision God gave American businessman, Mel Hoelzle. The Jewish people had been free to leave the Soviet Union after its collapse in 1991 but many were held back to a wall of poverty – not having the money to pay for their trips to the Israeli Consul or their foreign passports. Ezra started work in Ukraine, but the work has since expanded to 8 other fSU countries, South America and several countries in Europe.

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It costs an average of £275 to help one Jewish person home to Israel. A monthly gift of £23.00 will help one person home over one year. However no gift is too small - or too large!! All your donations help in the process of helping Jewish people home and each one is significant. Thank you for your help.


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Proud of my Jewish Heritage

My family already lives in Israel, and I want to reunite with them. I am very proud of my Jewish heritage, and I want to return to my Holy Land. I am young and I think I have many possibilities to realise my dreams in Israel..  

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Aliyah Means a New Beginning

Aliyah means a new beginning, with a greater connection to my Jewish roots. I decided on this path to be together with my family, and also with the hope of having a better quality of life, security, and spiritual growth.  

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Running From War

I’m running from the war! I am very afraid of the sound of the sirens and the fact that I have nowhere to hide. There is no bomb shelter nearby. I want to live in safety. I am Jewish through my father...

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Aliyah – the Realisation of a Dream!

Aliyah for us represents a return to our Holy Land of Israel that God gave us to live in in order to fulfil all the commandments of the Torah. We visited Israel 6 years ago as part of a year of strengthening our convictions. We came back to France and continued our studies and finally we are making our aliyah. We wholeheartedly want to integrate and be part of Israeli society both professionally and emotionally and so that our children can live in peace surrounded by the Jewish people.

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Gvantsa and Salome M from Tbilisi 

War as a Catalyst for Aliyah

We believe that Israel is calling us, and that every Jew has to answer its voice! 

The catalyst in our process happened in 2008 when there was war and Russian soldiers occupied part of our country. At that time tanks entered our city of Kaspi and the biggest tragedy in our family happened. My husband’s aunt was killed and was burned in a car. My Mum was very sick at that time and lying in bed. We were in shock and very nervous. . At a very ‘hot point’ of the war my lovely husband, Davit, was working in a cement factory and I was at home alone with my Mum. But – praise God – we could get away from the bullets and escape to another village.

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Gvantsa and Salome M from Tbilisi 

Gvantsa and Salome M from Tbilisi

Gvantsa and Salome are sisters making aliyah together. Gvantsa tells their story: Israel is our dream country and our roots are there. Not only our ancestors are from Israel, but our parents live there, and we want to be close to them. We have visited our parents in Israel as tourists and every time we are literally shocked by this country and the people there. It’s an amazing place and we think it’s one of the safest places in the world! Every time we were there, we felt that a person’s rights are secure and there is no fear in walking outside even at night-time. It’s dynamic and makes us smile too. So, while we are young, we have to make our choices and face new challenges! 

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Bible Study Book - Understanding the return of Israel
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