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Warring Angles on Behalf of Israel
By Michael Utterback Recently I came across a set of scriptures in the book of Joel that captured my attention. I’ve read these verses more times than Ican count and even used them in articles and in sermons on occasion, but just now, they are more relevant than ever before.

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Warring Angels

By Dr Frederick Wright,
We are moving into the most exciting time on the Jewish calendar for believers in Yeshua, particularly as scholars believe that this is the time of year that Yeshua was born as clearly expressed in the prologue of John’s Gospel (John 1:14) that could be literally translated,

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Some thoughts on Succot

The Amidah, or Shemoneh Esrei, in the Jewish Prayer Book (the Siddur), stands at the centre of Jewish liturgy. It simply means ‘eighteen’ as the original version consisted of 18 blessings. It is believed that the prayer in unwritten form dates from before the destruction of the temple in 70CE but the written form was prepared by R Shmuel…

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Echoing through the Ages

In November a journalist from Israel asked us to accompany her to Barguzin as she wanted to write an article about the local Jewish people.  Barguzin is a place where exiled Jews from Poland came to live.  We have long planned to visit Barguzin as many people who approach us for help in the search for documents have their roots in this village.

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The Village of Barguzin

The Holocaust is an orphan with no comfort and a moral responsibility without compromise. It does not permit us, the Jewish people, to turn a blind eye. It must always be a warning to the entire human family.

As we leave Chanukah and Christmas and the lights burning brightly upon the Chanukkot…

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Yom H'Shoah

Compared to the number of victims in the Holocaust, the number of rescuers is shamefully small, yet even as I type these words, I am cognizant of the penalties the Nazis meted-out for helping the Jewish people - in Poland, it was the death penalty and elsewhere in Europe,. Continue here…

Posted 25/01/18

None of Us Did Enough.