Albert L from Tbilisi

We See our Future is IsraelI am making aliyah with my son, Mikita.  Through Aliyah our family is reuniting, and we see our future as being in Israel.  You can say we are running away from the tough political and economic situations and looking forward to a better future.
You know after the conflict in the region (Russia) there is no safe promising life there. Also, it takes a long time and doesn’t seem to finish that situation soon. That’s why we decided to move forward and change something around us. We left our country and were looking for a safe place until the consular procedures were finished and Georgia is the best place for that. And today we are a part of a big Aliyah.

I’m sure Israel is a country of opportunities. Yes, it’s engaged in the daily war but looking better and promising than other countries. My relatives are there, and I believe we will be like a big family together and will support each other better as we can be closer to each other. Israel is a promising place for the future generation too and I hope our expectations will be answered in the next few years.

The most painful thing is always to start something from nothing. It’s difficult to start building a new life. It’s hard to be far from family members, friends and good people around you…but we overcome these moments and I believe it makes us stronger.

This is a great work you are doing for repatriates. Attention and encouragement mean a lot for us in those difficult times. Also, the financial support from different organizations makes our Aliyah process easier and that support is a lot for people like us. We were blessed… 
Thanks to all of the people engaged in this process. Keep helping and blessing for other people too. Thank you again.

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